Notes de parution

Pour des détails complets et le suivi de l’application de bureau Windows et de la core library, rendez-vous à bitbucket repository.  Le journal des modifications pour Android, iOS et Mac concerne le suivi des problèmes non publics. Vous pouvez trouvez les sommes de contrôle Cryptograhic SHA-256 ici .

Windows Desktop 2.1.1509 2017-06-09

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and bug fixes. Mostly bug fixes, and many updated translations.

Change log

  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance
  • #238: Improve password setting dialog to communicate more clearly to the user.
  • #294: The « Get Premium » link disappears
  • #302: Key sharing does not apply to subfolders in secured folders with include subfolders enabled.
  • #305: Key Wrap Iteration Calculator may give lower values than expected
  • #306: « A required privilege is not held by the client » causes High CPU
  • #308: « Decrypt Temporarily » of secured folder with « Include Subfolders » ignores subfolders

Windows Desktop 2.1.1502 2017-05-22

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Some new functions and features, notably support for sub folders in secured folders, and warnings about some external issues that may affect how AxCrypt works. Since part is a shared code base, some changes target other platforms.

Change log

  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance
  • #109: Reimplement FileLock and use, prepare for async friendly lock
  • #191: Add option for recursive operation
  • #221: Display a tip when the wrong password has been entered three times about password reset.
  • #228: Lavasoft causes crash in TCP stack, warn user of existence of Lavasoft Web Companion
  • #254: Add option to decrypt file even if HMAC is invalid
  • #265: Check and re-assert the « .axx » file name association
  • #273: Add support for continuous integration on the Mac
  • #281: Update Newtonsoft.Json to 10.0.2
  • #282: Update NUnit to 3.6.1
  • #283: Change internal names for subscription levels to match current terminology
  • #284: Implement request for supporting verify code without password setup.
  • #286: When three cloud providers or more are found, the clean up broom is hidden
  • #287: Add fixed fallback location for OneDrive detection
  • #288: Startup hang in Mac XWT app
  • #289: Deadlock when sharing keys
  • #290: Inconsistent use of async in view models

iOS 2.1.144 2017-04-21

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. See Android release 2.1.139 for details.

Android 2.1.139 2017-04-20

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes.

Change log

  • #98: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • #110: Update Xamarin.Build.Download to v0.4.3
  • #109: Update Xamarin.Android et. al. to 25.1.1
  • #108: Update Xamarin Forms to
  • #107: Update Crashlytics
  • #103: Check temporary and storage of decrypted content.
  • #96: Sequence contains no elements
  • #95: LoadUserAccount causes NullReferenceException
  • #92: NullReferenceExceptionObject in NavigationRenderer()
  • #93: IllegalArgumentException: DrawerLayout must be measured with MeasureSpec.EXACTLY.
  • #105: Can’t open .docm file in Android
  • #102: Signing up with already existing and verified account does not work correctly
  • #104: Can’t open file in OneDrive
  • #97: NullReferenceException in RecentFilesViewModel DecryptFile
  • #89: AxCrypt app has title « AxCrypt 2 ». Should be « AxCrypt »
  • #101: Password Reset link is forced to english
  • #94: Signup from app caused API exception
  • #88: NullReferenceExceptionObject in ViewModelBase()

Windows Desktop 2.1.1494 2017-04-20

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A minor release with various bug fixes and usability improvements.

Change log

  • #269: Inconsistent text for « secure delete »
  • #222: Nothing happens when using Shred & Delete from explorer menu when not signed in
  • #271: Do not URL encode + and @ signs in path components when calling REST API
  • #272: Enabling Trial mode causes InvalidOperationException
  • #270: System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path
  • #264: Display Premium / Free status explicitly
  • #262: Error message stating Premium required even though Premium is active
  • #268: Add core support extracting email addresses from text
  • #263: Google Drive not always detected
  • #258: Update all content web links to https
  • #236: Remove Exit and Help buttons in signup dialog
  • #235: Add « show in folder » as right-click option to recent files list.
  • #239: Change threshold for drag and drop added to recent files
  • #250: Trial mode started after Premium payment
  • #253: ManageAccountViewModel async use in constructor causes deadlock
  • #252: Handle inaccessible key file in validation
  • #251: Check that property binding uses the correct type

2.1.1489 2016-12-15

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A minor release that focuses on localization and support for mobile apps.

Change log

  • #247: Include parameter in link for password manager to change message
  • #245: API-support for startup tips
  • #244: Update code signing certificate
  • #243: API Method for feedback
  • #242: Upgrade to NUnit 3
  • #241: Trim spaces from emails in key sharing dialog
  • #230: NullReferenceException if checking for updates with empty response
  • #224: Timeout and auto-offline on server requests.
  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance

2.1.1481 2016-10-31

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A release that focuses on localization, with a fully consolidated 32-/64-bit and localized installer.

Change log

  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance

2.1.1478 2016-10-23

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A minor update that adds support for localized emails, and updates many translations.

Change log

  • #229: Add user culture to registration API call
  • #220: Update Newtonsoft.Json (Internal)
  • #217: Import AxCrypt ID does not work
  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance

2.1.1474 2016-09-25

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Focus on usability and some feedback from version 1 users.

Change log

  • #216: Add context menu to tray icon
  • #215: Support purchase without sign in to web if signed in to app
  • #213: Update texts to reflect that the Trial period is started manually by the user
  • #203: Change « sign in » to just ask for the password
  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance

2.1.1464 2016-09-11

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A minor update with some annoyances fixed.

Change log

  • #210: Does not open document on first sign in if not previously loaded
  • #201: ‘Advanced’ when not started, signs in but starts minimized to tray

2.1.1460 2016-09-02

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. The release corrects a number of bugs, and removes some known annoyances. Speed improvements are significant in many situations. Language translations updated.

Change log

  • #200: SocketException: The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized
  • #197: PasswordStrength meter is flickering
  • #195: Slow and sometimes unresponsive after sign in
  • #194: First time entry of a registered email considered ‘old’ should render an info-popup
  • #193: Activation via AxCrypt fails if already activated via Web
  • #192: Key sharing/unsharing does not work in offline mode, even with known accounts
  • #187: The AxCrypt Window should not be activated when unlocking computer
  • #185: Crash after screen saver restore
  • #183: « Try Premium » should be visible when offline and display information
  • #179: Slow startup times with network access enabled.
  • #117: Implement a ‘Find V1’ files function
  • #116: Make the sign in dialog show alone, without entire UI
  • #115: Improve the set a new password dialog to be clearer what applies
  • #101: Clarify just how Free / Premium works
  • #71: Add AxCrypt 1.x character filter to password
  • #63: Add check for updates to menu
  • #20: When attempting to add new contact offline, the email is cleared

2.1.1444 2016-07-21

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Offline mode is now fully supported, neither Internet nor AxCrypt servers are required to install or use AxCrypt. Premium Trial is not started automatically.

Change log

  • #182: The ‘Switch’ Sign In button does not work
  • #181: File name is not shown for message ‘is not an AxCrypt File’
  • #145: Start in Free mode, add ‘Try Premium’ action
  • #60: Support offline registration and key pair import
  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance

2.1.1434 2016-07-19

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A minor patch for 2.1.1433, plus additional translations for Dutch.

Change log

  • #178: Network state detection fails on startup
  • #165: Translate to Dutch

2.1.1433 2016-07-18

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Support (mostly) for Dutch is now included.

Change log

  • #174: Links erroneously translated, causing 404 Not Found when clicked.
  • #165: Translate to Dutch
  • #157: Update Broom tooltip to reflect use for Secured Folders as well
  • #142: Add network detection to speed up when disconnected
  • #24: Add tooltips for folder icons

2.1.1428 2016-07-15

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Focus is on the installation process, in preparation for a unified installer with all languages and bitnesses in one single file. Much work on localization also. We now mostly support Portuguese, Italian and German as well.

Change log

  • #171: Sign out of AxCrypt even if no password is set for the screen saver
  • #170: Implement a common bootstrapper for both 32-bit and 64-bit installers
  • #169: Context menu property page is broken
  • #168: Shell extension dll’s are not signed
  • #167: Support language selection from UserSettings.txt
  • #166: Translate to Portuguese
  • #161: Support UserSettings.txt language selection in shell extension
  • #160: Localize both boostrap and msi installers
  • #159: Update the setup to use a single exe with both 32-bit and 64-bit msi installers
  • #158: The program can get stuck in a high CPU condition directly after install
  • #39: Translate to Italian
  • #37: Translate to German

2.1.1413 2016-07-08

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. We now support Korean!

Change log

  • #153: Access Denied and other issues with network drives
  • #152: Add default text definitions for localized installer
  • #146: Add Korean as a language choice

2.1.1409 2016-07-06

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. This is an important update because it addresses a problem where files could not be opened after a password change. Also, we now support German!

Change log

  • #149: Problem with decrypting 128-bit encrypted files with asymmetric key
  • #148: Add file name to exception message in some circumstances
  • #147: Add German as a language choice

2.1.1404 2016-07-01

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Focus has been on various features to ease the transition for users of AxCrypt 1.x , but not only.

Change log

  • #144: Disable text entry in the key file field
  • #143: Make V1 conversion default
  • #141: The “check for updates” button only works when signed in.
  • #140: Add Password Reset to sign in dialog
  • #132: Exception because of ActiveFileState and missing work folder
  • #124: Do not show the ‘Key-File’ field in the password dialog for V2 files
  • #123: Hide the ‘Key-File’ field behind a ‘More…’ button or something
  • #96: Add resend verification button to dialog
  • #67: Implement shortcut to upgrade V1 documents

2.1.1403 2016-06-28

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes.

Change log

  • #135: Create an AxCrypt tile on Windows 8+ during installation
  • #134: Require .NET 4.5 during installation, disallow XP and 2003
  • #133: The broom tool bar icon is hidden if 3 cloud service icons are present
  • #130: Improve performance and seeming hangs when selecting multiple files from Explorer
  • #121: ‘Rename’ is missing from the menus
  • #114: Tooltip for Key Share icon is wrong after changing to French (and back)
  • #78: Add ‘sign out’ to the Windows Explorer menu.

2.1.1399 2016-06-23

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. Several important bug fixes.

Change log

  • #129: Clean up causes the time stamp to be updated for all files
  • #128: Update list of allowed TLD’s
  • #127: Clear password cache when signing out
  • #122: Error when encrypting only already encrypted files.
  • #119: Wiping is reported not to work from Windows Explorer
  • #112: Access to the path is denied under some network conditions
  • #111: Key Sharing loses already-present key shares if they are not locally cached
  • #61: Code Maintenance
  • #53: Translations and texts maintenance

2.1.1398 2016-05-31

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. A minor change based on user feedback.

Change log

  • #112: Access to the path is denied under some network conditions
  • #61: Code Maintenance

2.1.1396 2016-05-30

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes. This realease focuses on internal stability improvements, not user visible feature changes or additions.

Change log

  • #108: Refactor async code, startup code, IPC and other core functionality
  • #106: Skip known Win32-assemblies during startup discovery scan.
  • #107: AxCrypt started in one terminal server/fast user switching session affects other session

2.1.1394 2016-05-25

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes.

Change log

  • #81: Add offline indicator to title window
  • #105: When encrypting multiple files they should not be added to recent files
  • #86: Diagnostics mode for Internet Connection issues
  • #104: Authenticating Proxies are not handled correctly
  • #103: Hard crash after password and/or account changes
  • #97: Add ‘open encrypted’ button to toolbar
  • #102: Increase timeout for startup from 5 to 10 seconds
  • #84: Better filtering of e-mail addresses
  • #100: Main Window can get moved off screen

2.1.1393 2016-05-19

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes.

Change log

  • #91: AxCrypt seems to keep files locked.
  • #98: File is purged prematurely when opened in a multi document text editor
  • #99: Double-click when signed out does not open the document

2.1.1392 2016-05-16

Additional translations to French.

2.1.1391 2016-05-16

Snapshot build with the latest improvements and fixes.

Change log

  • #87: An Exception-log for diagnostics
  • #94: Change re-encryption policy to re-encrypt to V2 files from V1
  • #95: Informational dialog + conversion the first time a V1 file fails to open even though signed in.
  • #80: Fix issues when secured folder is not found
  • #21: Clear All Settings… does not clear quite all settings
  • #79: Clarify somehow that Internet is NOT required
  • #82: Change installation procedure to only mention Internet if it’s not connected
  • #83: Check Exception on UI-thread for large files
  • #89: Disallow anything but .axx
  • #88: AxCrypt seems to give bad message when a .jpg is associated with AxCrypt
  • #90: Handle read-only files