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    I am user of V.1x for many years, and just downloaded the “no-installation” version of V.2 to check on the new features.

    Running the exe program, there was a brief HD activity and then a message that my V.1.x has just been upgraded and apologies for resetting the preferences.

    This is a “no-no” in users’ out-of-box experience.  Programs, and especially security program, should act responsibly and  carefully: no auto-updates/upgrades, no background or push updates.

    The program should ask the user if to upgrade, and to exit if declined.


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    Hello Ninveh,

    There is some misunderstanding here – the portable version of AxCrypt 2 (the one where the download has an .exe extension) is indeed just that. It does *not* auto-upgrade version 1. The installable version (the ones where the download has a .msi extension) will indeed upgrade version 1, that’s what installers do.

    The message you are referring to is likely the following: “You have updated AxCrypt. Unfortunately, your configuration must be reset. After restarting, your preferences and settings will unfortunately be lost. We apologize for the inconvenience. Your encrypted files are still safe and ok.

    This is displayed when you are running a newer version of AxCrypt 2 than before, and in between the way we store the user configuration settings have changed too much. This was due to the fact that during the Beta testing period we did not want to spend time regression testing all kinds of upgrades, so we just said that if they’re incompatible between version we’ll start afresh.

    The point here is that AxCrypt 1 has not been auto-upgraded in your system. It’s still there just as it always has been (if it was there, and you did use the portable install-free version of AxCrypt  2).

    Most likely you tried out AxCrypt 2 Beta earlier, and the newly downloaded version found the old user configuration files from that, and thus displayed the message.



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    I apologize for my late response.

    Thank you for the clarification.
    I normally run V.1.x and indeed I had a test V.2.x beta installed in the far past which I’ve totally forgotten about and may have attempted to uninstall it at the time (I just see the remnants(?) in my system now).

    On June 5th I tried to install the portable V.2. program and yes, the message that I had seen was “You have updated AxCrypt. Unfortunately, your configuration must be reset….”. This completely threw me off since the message did not specify the updated version, and I completely forgot about the old V.2. beta. Since my case is rare and unique, no reason to be more explicit with the warning (although it is always a good thing..).

    I tested the installed V.1.x that I have, and it works fine. So all is good then.

    Thank you.

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