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    Duncan Prince

    Hello Svante

    Not a network as such. Our computers are in the same property but in different rooms.

    The problem experienced happens regardless of where the file is located, that is on the local computer a Windows 10 account is logged on to or on another homegroup computer.

    I wasn’t asking about conversion between different Axcrypt versions, rather considering the implications of having no problem when opening newly created Axcrypt files (i.e. those created in the current AxCrypt version).

    As you have been unsuccessful in recreating the problem I’ll experiment with decrypting a file created with old Axcrypt and encrypting with new Axcrypt. Failing that I’ll copy and paste the contents into a brand new Excel file and try encrypting that.



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    Duncan Prince

    I have decrypted and encrypted a file originally created in my old Axcrypt version but am still experiencing inconsistencies.

    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>If I logon with another windows user account I cannot get the AxCrypt logon window to appear so I cannot open any Axcrypt files.</span>

    Only seems to be working for the Administrator user.

    In summary I can’t get the current version of Axcrypt to work consistently day-to-day.

    Looks like I have two options:

    Use the current older version of Axcrypt which seems to work better under Windows 10 Home, or

    Look at alternative file encryption solutions.


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    This is indeed troublesome. We’ve done some further changes to the latest version, both functionally but also to improve diagnostics.

    Can you please do the following, after the next time you receive the error message?

    – Enable the Debug menu by selecting File | Options | Debug
    – Open an error log by selecting Debug | Open Error Report Snapshot

    Follow the instructions there to copy all text and email it to support at axcrypt dot net . This will help us determine the exact cause.

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    Duncan Prince

    Hello Svante

    There is no error message. It is just that a standard Windows 10 user is unable to open an AxCrypt file by double clicking the file in File Explorer.

    Administrator can open the same file without a problem.

    When another user logs in to Windows they experience this problem.

    I have just sent you the Debug file contents by email. Nothing new was written to the log file when experiencing the problem.



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    Hello Duncan,

    For this issue, let’s switch to e-mail. Over & Out here.

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