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    Don Irwin

    I have use Axcrypt for several years. Following a recent system crash
    I needed to reinstall your product. I was unable to complete this process
    as I had lost my Axcrypt password in the crash. I then installed the ‘old’
    (pre-crash) vesion 1.7.2976.0 hoping I could then access my encrypted
    files. However I see this error when trying to open abcd.AXX …
    Failed assertion in Crypt.cpp at line 2249
    Error loading signiture XML from ‘Sigs.xml’
    Maybe I was negligent in having my passwords & applicatios
    on the same system !! I hope you can help me gain access the the
    many encrypted file I have accumlated over a long period.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Don Irwin,

    We are stopped developing new features and fixing issues for the legacy version(AxCrypt 1.x). we will not be actively developing 1.x, nor will support be a priority. We are advising users to use AxCrypt 2.x latest.

    You can open/decrypt the previously encrypted document(1.x) with the latest version(2.x). Still, you can open/decrypt the old encrypted files with the original file password(which was used in the file encryption process).

    AxCrypt 1.x and 2.x are compatible in the sense that 2.x can open all files secured with 1.x. In addition to that, 2.x implements of lot of new rich features, while some functions of 1.x are deprecated. Files secured with AxCrypt 2.x are not possible to open with AxCrypt 1.x. You cannot have both AxCrypt 1.x and 2.x installed at the same time.

    If you open files encrypted with a different password than your sign in password, which often is the case directly after upgrading to version 2, you will be prompted for that original password. If the file was encrypted with version 1, it will then be automatically upgraded to version 2 and to use the new sign in password which means you won’t be prompted again for the old password.

    We found some related topic in internet. Please read the link below



    Please check the above links and try to resolve the issue, if you are agree/ok with the solution. Or please check with your system administrator for more help(s). We do not guarantee about others support answers. But we are just helping the user to verify and resolve the issue.

    If the above doesn’t help, please provide more information about the issue and some screenshots and write a mail to

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