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    rich Long

    I’m an old AxCrypt user who users registry hack to keep Timestamp = Original (clear-text) Tomestamp. Why? Because I see no reason to change the TIMESTAMP every time I want to only view the oriignal and NOT modify it. Your design always decares modification when the envelope (secured file) is opens the letter (Clear-text original). Also, I manage my file libraries based on original dates especally for things like Bills, Statements,, etc. where they are downloaded as PDF files and there is no reason to ever modify. I can always sort by date to see them (bills, statements,payments, etc.) in chronological order. However, I do have the occasion to goo back and look at these often to compare with more recent statement/bill/payment/etc. data.

    I would love to see an entry in context menu to not only normally have a file opened and sent to application for processing, but another one, maybe VIEW ONLY  where it is not allowed to be midified, hence the container need NOT change the envelopes (secured file) date which would accomodate my file management scheme. This would essentually allow me to function like the old AxCrypt where Timestamp for Secure File envelop remains equal to Timestamp of original.

    The Cons of current implementation is that every time file is opened it is assumed to be modified and the Timestamp for the then reencrypted file becomes current date. regardless of any change to the original. This destroys the logical file management of NON-Modifiable financial files like Bills and Statements where the user would loke to get, say, to Novembers statement od 2019 to onlu view or print to resolve some issue or question. My design would allow viewings without modification or printing.

    Another way to NOT keep modifying the envelope is to determine whether the original that is decrypted did in fact remain the same, i.e., unmodified. Correct meif I am wrong, but if I do NOT use encryption and look at a file more than once, its timestamp does NOT change UNLESS it gets modified. Checking that could signal AxCRYPT to use a new TIMESTAMP or KEEP the same TIMESTAMP as the file within the envelope. Hence, a slight modification of the old ACrypt that let you reedit KEEP TIMESTAMP into the registry always.

    I basically see two types of files: ones that will nevery change and the others that do get modified. A scheme to determine whether a decrypted file actually DOES change (modifies) to determine TIMESTAMP to use when reencrypted. If origina is modified then change the TIMESTAMPto its new modified date (current); otherwise, KEEP TIMESTAMP as is.

    Where is my logic wrong? Happy AxCrypt 1.7.3233.0 user still. Great product then. I’d compomise by just giving me the option to specify KEEP again overall OR selectively by file.

    — Rich

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