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    Nico Timmers

    I don’t know what you guys dit but i get error after error and it won’t stop!!!

    Exception while executing [access denied] (sesionChange)

    and the error repeats it self, it happend after last update.

    The files are stored on OneDrive (on a external disk)

    Please solve this problem, i’ve restarted the computer several times does not help.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Nico Timmers,

    Thanks for sharing report, This is not related to AxCrypt app issue. The problem is “Access Denied”. Please provide full access to the user then you will access the file. Please follow the blow link.

    AxCrypt is a file encryption software and it requires a full write access to the path when encrypting/decrypting the files.

    If the performing user account does not have the necessary access for the file path then AxCrypt app will throw the exception like what you are getting.

    Please provide the necessary access(write access for the currently signed in user) to the file path and then try to run the application.

    For more information, please check out the link:

    If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our support via

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    Nico Timmers

    But nothing changed on my site, other then the update.

    Normaly when i double click an axx file im prompted for a password, now i get 86 errors of other files then i’m prompted for a password then i get a 100 more erors until an index out of bounds and then axcrypt closes!

    I am, the administrator on my computer and i have full access to all my files.

    So what can it be??? please help

    I also try to stor my virus protection but this did not change the situation

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Nico,

    Please delete the folder (C:\Users\’User Name’\AppData\Local\AxCrypt) to clear the local cache and starts the AxCrypt app like a new.

    Then uninstall the AxCrypt app and restart the system then install the latest version of the AxCrypt app You can download the same from our official website: . (if already download, please ignore it).

    Now install the AxCrypt app and try to start AxCrypting……

    If the above doesn’t help, please provide more information about the issue and some screenshots and write a mail to

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    Nico Timmers


    I did what you told me to do but it did not work, so i did some research.

    I copied the file to an other drive (not my external disk, and not synchronized with onedrive), now i can open the file :-)

    Next i removed axcrypt the way you told me, then i installed the old version (AxCrypt-2.1.1573.0-Setup). Try to open the file on my external, synchronized with ondrive, disk and i can open the file:-)

    So like i said before, you have a bug in the update, please fix it!!!!

    I’ll keep using the old version now, try updates when the come, at least i have a fall back routine.




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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Nico,

    Please send complete information about the issue and some screenshot and the ReportSnapshot.txt  file to

    You can find the ReportSnapshot.txt in the(C:/Users/User Name/Appdata/local/AxCrypt (for windows)) to locate the AxCrypt local folder.

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    I been trying to get support on my account about a yearly charge. You guys already charged me and I had to pay again to get “premium support”, which doesn’t even work. How do I get someone to correct this before I file a chargeback?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Henry,

    We have responded to your support Priority email. Please check the same.

    “Please avoid sending a same query in different mediums. You may get duplicate response”

    Still, if you are facing any issues, please write to we are happy to help you.

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    Nico Timmers

    I’ve send you the file,

    Now the problem is back with the old version as well. ;-(

    Hope you’ll find the solution.


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    Hello Nico,

    We have responded to your support Priority email. Please check the same.

    Access denied problem only. This is not related to AxCrypt app issue. Please contact system Administrator to resolve the same.

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