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    I just started using AxCrypt so maybe I’m just not finding the right setting but is there no way to manually switch from AES-256 to the AES-128 encryption? I’m still in the premium trial but I would prefer to encrypt in AES-128 as it surely is significantly faster (I plan to encrypt a couple of terabytes of files soon).

    Also, what does the “Advanced” context menu option do? For me it just opens the AxCrypt software but that’s it (Windows7).

    Thank you and kind regards,


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    I’m afraid there is no option to ‘downgrade’ from AES-256 to AES-128. Actually, the performance is likely to be determined by data transfer speeds to and from disk rather than encryption speed.

    Not that I don’t trust AxCrypt, but always ensure you have proper backups of all data – especially when we’re talking terabytes. The more you have, the more you stand to lose…

    The idea with the ‘Advanced’ menu option is that normally you’d be ok with working from the context menu, so the ‘Advanced’ does indeed just open up the AxCrypt GUI – that’s way more advanced than the context menu operations though. That’s why we named it like that anyway.


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    Similar question I guess. I really only want to use the free version. But if I can’t encrypt @ AES-128 then once I am downgraded from premium .. I won’t be able to access my encrypted files without subscribing … how do I simply encrypt in AES-128 from the start?

    Not that I don’t think its a great service but I would use it so rarely that it doesn’t make any sense for me to purchase .. I would just find another program .. Any suggestions?

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    Hello A,

    No worries. Of course we won’t lock you out of your data because the Premium trial expires. The Free version will still decrypt and open AES-256-encrypted files, it just won’t encrypt with AES-256 but AES-128 instead.


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