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    I couldn’t find a search result that exactly answered the following. We are basically looking to use Axcrypt for several users with Business version for a collection of HR documents/folders. We want these to obviously be encrypted so that only authorised personnel can view them.

    We wanted to additionally make use of the file rename functionality so that even if IT staff were to have access to the drive the files are stored in, even the file names themselves don’t reveal anything.

    The rename feature seemed ideal for this, however at a glance it seems totally lacking in day to day usage because there is no way to browse all the renamed files from Axcrypt. You only see a few perhaps in your recent files tab. Is there no way to simply have a “file explorer” type window to browse folder trees and have any file that has been renamed by Axcrypt to show its real name/file type?

    Imagine if you have dozens and dozens of files renamed in a folder so they’re all just numbered. Unless I’m missing something the only way to find a specific file if they’ve all been renamed is to be constantly either clicking until you find the one you want or decrypting & encrypting/renaming groups of files so that you can get to the one you want, which is not at all user friendly.

    Any help appreciated otherwise I think I’m going to have to cancel trial/subscription and look for something else as the guides page doesn’t really make it clear how the anonymous file names feature really works.

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