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    I used axcrypt and encrypted an excel 2010 spreadsheet on my windows 7 computer and it worked great for years

    I had to update to windows 10 and the latest Axcrypt.

    It worked at first but then after a few times, the excel file would be opened and BLANK

    I followed a bunch of steps but the only thing that would work is to repair Microsoft office…. it would then work for a few times and then fail… I use this method to store passwords etc and I’m wasting hours fighting this issue….

    Anyone have a solution ?


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    Carl Lapiska

    Same problem as Tim… upgraded to Windows 10, and problems occur. Repair Office and then it works again. Please advise.

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    crazy as this sounds …i think i figured out a solution

    I had originally installed an older version of Axcrypt that didn’t need an account…  (email and pw)

    I uninstalled that version and downloaded and installed the newer version ( i had to create an email/password)

    I encrypted a libre office spreadsheet (trying to see if excel was really the issue) and I had to use new account info to encrypt


    when I tried to open the older xls file that was encrypted before…. when I double clicked on it, it asked me for the new account password….BUT THEN asked me for the original OLD password and voila it opens



    The next time I try and open, it opened without having to enter the password …saying you were signed in….  so I now have a NEW problem…. why have an encrypted file that is unlocked ????WTF?????

    The only solution is to sign out of the account by bringing up axcrypt in the tray and selecting sign out

    I dont know if i should start another thread but need a solution…. I’m not going to always remember to sign out…

    they have an auto-sign out after x minutes but you have to buy the premium


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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello tim,

    AxCrypt 2.x use a single sign on model where the same password is used to sign in to our servers and to protect your files.

    AxCrypt 2 works just like your email software or most other password-protected systems. You sign in once and remain signed in until signed out. Just like you can read many emails without entering the password every time, AxCrypt will do the same. The files are still encrypted, but your password is remembered until you sign out of AxCrypt.

    AxCrypt stays signed in until signed out, just like most similar applications such as your email. Once signed in, you can read, write and update information without having to re-enter the password, until signed out. AxCrypt will automatically sign out when the screen saver goes active(based on the Inactivity Sign Out configuration), or you can sign out manually.

    You can use our Inactivity Sign Out feature, to sign out the AxCrypt app on certain time interval of inactivity. Also you can sign out the AxCrypt app, when opened the encrypted file(s). Now AxCrypt will ask the user to enter the sign in password to sign in to the AxCrypt app.

    For Inactivity Sign Out, File | Options | Inactivity Sign Out | Choose duration in minutes.

    Still,if you are asking any Query/issues, please provide more information about the issue and write a mail to

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    thanks for replying…

    I feel strongly that that model sucks

    fine as an option…but to force that behavior on people is beyond ridiculous.

    with that argument, why even use axcrypt if i have to sign into my computer…there is no need

    the reason the file should require a password each time is that I have critical passwords that I want locked all the time except when i need to retrieve.  When I close the file its locked again.  If my computer gets hacked, quite possible these days, then the hackers have access to my critical passwords.

    They took what was a solid program and made it worthless….

    Why would they have an auto-sign out (paid version of course) if the model was such a great idea ?  Exactly… its NOT.



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    howard hunter

    I have purchased and set up a newer computer. i now have windows 10 version 20H2  I have used axcrypt for years and have a excell file that i use to store passwords, on my windows 7/8 machine all i had to do was to click on the xl file and axcrypt asked for my password.  I have windows office 365 installed and i get a box that says. “you have a newer version of Office installed, We have detected newer versions of office installed on your device, if you want to install an older version of office, please remove the newer products and try again.


    please advise


    thank you Howard Hunter

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello howard hunter,

    AxCrypt decrypts the encrypted file and helps to open the same with the corresponding application(s).

    When we open the encrypted .doc/.xlsx file, AxCrypt just decrypts the file only. After that doc/.xlsx file are opening in the Corresponding Application which was mapped in your laptop/system.

    Please choose any one of the office readers, then encrypted open the same. I think this is an office reader problem, not an AxCrypt problem.(not sure)

    Still, you are facing the same problem, Please feel free to contact our support via provide step by step information about the issue.

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