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    One of the features of the Windows standard File Explorer is the use of ‘Open’ but also ‘Open With’ commands when selecting a file with the right mouse button. This is very useful when a specific file may have multiple applications that will open the file with its’ own characteristics.

    It is apparent to me that the extension used for the encrypted file calls the AxCrypt ‘utility’ decrypts the file and then provides a ‘hook’ to an application that will actually ‘Open’ the file. Am I correct in assuming that this is the ‘Default’ application defined by un-encrypted file extension. If my assumption is correct is it true that the only way to open a file with a specific application is to change the ‘Default’ application by file extension?

    Thanks in advance


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    By default AxCrypt associated itself with .AXX files. If for whatever reason you’d like to change this, you can.

    Once AxCrypt opens a .AXX file it then opens the decrypted file in whatever application its extension is associated.

    Thus a “accounts-xlsx.axx” will decrypt in AxCrypt and then open in Excel.

    Does this answer your question?

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    If you wanted to open your hyppthetical file in Word instead of Excel then you mustn’t double click on it (as that’d open AxCrypt) which’d then open Excel.

    Instead, decrypt it by right clicking and then open in whatever application you please. By doing this manually it’s your responsibility to remember to encrypt it again when you’ve finished!

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    Thanks James for confirming my assumptions. The work-around for opening the base file in another application is not so arduous to decrypt first and then open in a different than default application. Thanks again.

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    Thank you James!

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    <p>When you right-click a file and select “Open With,” Windows presents you with a list of applications that can potentially open that file. This is helpful when you want to use a different application than the default one associated with the file extension. By selecting an application from the list, you can open the file using that specific program, and it will override the default association for that instance.</p><p>geometry dash lite</p>

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