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    Kristina M Vaughn


    Before buying Axcrypt, I had all of my files synced across my devices with OneDrive on my Windows PC.

    Then, I bought Axcrypt and tried to encrypt files in my file explorer.

    The next thing I know, my OneDrive is notifying me that a mass amount of files were being deleted from OneDrive.

    When I compare the recycle bin of OneDrive with the files that are still present in the regular (nontrash) files of OneDrive, it looks as though they are duplicates that have been placed in the Recycle bin.

    Are the files that were “thrown away” the duplicate unencrypted version of the files I told my computer to encrypt?

    If so, is it safe to proceed in permanently deleting these files from OneDrive so that the only files that exist are those that are encrypted?


    When I open the Axcrypt App page, should there ALWAYS be a list of secured files in the Secured Folders tab? Because after encrypting files directly in file explorer, there doesn’t appear to be a comprehensive list there.


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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Kristina,

    First  synchronizing your One Drive files to your local system, then just encrypt those with the AxCrypt app. Once again sync your local system with One Drive. Now your One Drive file are encrypted.

    Note : If we tried to decrypt/encrypt the files which are synched with the cloud storage services(like one drive and etc), then the cloud service provider/application will need the internet to sync the file(s) between your system and the cloud service.

    AxCrypt just encrypts the files only. Sync and delete processes are done by one drive, Once sync your file Please check with one drive. Your uploaded files are properly uploaded or not. at the same, you check the encrypted files also.

    note: Please always keep a backup of all your important files, encrypted or not.

    If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our support via

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