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    Using the portable V2, I have a number of unencrypted files in a folder.

    When encrypting, the usual Windows methods of multiple file selection work perfectly i.e. + icon, Windows Explorer, file selection (Ctrl-A, Shift-enter, Ctrl), and all files selected are encrypted, with a progress bar at the bottom of the AXCRYPT window.

    However, this doesn’t seem to work on decryption.

    Selecting the Open Padlock opens my “current” folder (the one containing the files I’ve just encrypted) in Windows Explorer. However, none of the multiple select key combinations work, and I can select only one file at a time for decryption.

    This is a real problem when a number of files (for example, moved into the folder from a backup) have to be decrypted. As I am working at file level, the Folder encryption feature isn’t suitable.

    The question-how do I select a number of files in one operation to then decrypt them all?

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    Hello Peter!

    The problem here is that the ‘open padlock icon’ in the AxCrypt window toolbar is to ‘open’ files, i.e. it’s equivalent to double-click in Windows Explorer. This means, decrypt to temporary location, start appropriate app, wait for finish and then re-encrypt’. Just like you can’t double-click a multiple file selection in Windows Explorer, because it doesn’t make good sense, you can’t use multiple-file selection here either.

    The droid you’re looking for can be found under the ‘File | Stop Securing’ menu choice. There you can select many files for decryption in one operation.

    I hope this helps.


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