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    I’ve been using the mobile app for Android. There don’t seem to be any settings that can be configured specifically related to adjusting the time period for automatic sign out due to inactivity. I’ve tried minimizing the app (so that it remains running in the background), but when I reopen it/switch back to it, I’m still signed in. I’ve also tried locking the phone and then signing back in. I’m still signed into the Axcrypt app when I unlock the phone. The only way I have found to sign out, other than doing it manually from within the app, is to actually close it (i.e. so that it’s not running in the background).

    Am I missing some setting? Is there some kind of default inactivity sign out duration? I’d prefer the sign in to not be persistent or at least to have to reauthenticate in some way (fingerprint, phone password) after a short period of time not using the app rather than to have it remain running signed in the background indefinitely.



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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Zac,

    Sorry to say, but Currently AxCrypt mobile app does not have an inactivity sign-out feature.

    If you are asking any Queries, please write us at

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