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    Bruce Boersma

    During the past couple of weeks I have been re-vamping some of my financial files (Excel).  When working on these files, I save frequently.   I do not use OneDrive and only save locally.  Yesterday, I opened one of them to find that all of the previous days’ changes were absent from the file.

    Here’s how to reproduce the issue.  1) Open an AxCrypt encrypted file.  2) Make some changes and save the file.  3) With the file still open, sign out of AxCrypt.  4) Then close the file.

    The next time you open the file, your changes will be gone.

    I learned after some searching how to recover my changes.  Regardless, this behavior is not acceptable.  Pleas fix it.

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    Bruce Boersma

    Correction:  The app will not let you sign out directly if a file is still open.  However, it will sign out automatically with inactivity, unless you disable inactivity signout.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Bruce,

    Hope you have recovered your changes and the Problem is resolved.

    Here We Explain how AxCrypt works when editing the encrypted file.

    AxCrypt will keep track on the opened encrypted files, to update and re-encrypt the same. If we opened the file and updated the contents, then AxCrypt will re-encrypt the updated file.

    So after editing the encrypted files, we have to click the broom icon from the AxCrypt app to re-encrypt the updated files. We have to close all the instance of the encrypted file(s) opened application.

    And the AxCrypt app will be checking whether the opened file and the corresponding application are closed or not? If closed, then the AxCrypt app will automatically update the contents of the file and re-encrypt the same.

    Actually, we have to close the file opened application completely, to update and re-encrypt the file. Sometimes, we have to manually click the red Broom icon, to clean and update the pending files.

    Please close the encrypted file and corresponding file, Please check the AxCrypt app every time, it will update the file, it’s then you can sign-out/exit from the AxCrypt app.

    Still, you are facing any issue, please provide detailed information about the issue and write a mail to We are happy to help you.

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