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    Is folder encryption available with  I can’t get it to work.  With my Windows10 machine, folder encryption works as expected with local directories (ie: c:\temp\testfolder), where all the contents of test folder are encrypted and get the .axx suffix after being encrypted.

    However, for my box folders (synced to my pc), it doesn’t work.  I attempt to encrypt the folder, but nothing is encrypted.

    Note: I am seeing that file level encryption works as expected on box, but not folder level encryption.



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    Update: I noticed after signing out and exiting AxCrypt, the contents of my encrypted folder were then updated with encryption status (*.axx).

    Is it expected behavior that the files on box would only be updated after exiting the AxCrypt program?

    Note: I did indeed wait for a good 20min before doing the above.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello David,

    We have responded to your support email.

    “Please avoid sending a same query in different mediums. You may get duplicate response”

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