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    First, thanks for your works, i use AxCrypt 1 since the start :)

    I use AxCrypt (Premium) v2.1.1.1398.0 x64 on Windows 7 x64 (Enterprise Edition)

    1°) When i encrypt files directly from Windows File Explorer, i do not have progress information, so i must wait and regulary check if all files are encrypted to be sure that AxCrypt has finish. Has with AxCrypt v1, i use it 90% of time with File Explorer context menu. It is possible to improve this ?

    2°) Encrypting with File Explorer context menu seem very slow, i notice if i do it directly from AxCrypt, it is quicker.

    3°) File Wipe (Shreeding) not work if i do it with Windows File Explorer context menu (Files are not locked, i check this with IObit Unlocker to be sure) and that freez AxCrypt, i must each time kill it and restart it.

    That’s all for today :)


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    Hello Mathieu!

    Thank you very much for your feedback and reports.

    1 – There is progress information in the main window, just bring it up and you’ll see it. We did not want to pop up a window everytime, but perhaps we should.

    2 – Yes, encrypting from Windows Explorer is slow, we know and we know why. We’ll fix it asap.

    3 – We’ll have to look into that, last time I checked it did work, but we’ll check it again and if it works for us I may want to ask you to work with us to determine what the problem is in your case.



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    Ok, thanks for informations.

    For File Wipe, i test on 2 different computers, first a Dell desktop with Windows 10 Pro, and second a Laptop Dell with Windows 7 Pro, and i have the same problem.

    I use only AxCrypt x64, i do not test with x86 one.

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    Ok. We logged an issue for this. You can follow it here.

    Thank you!

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    I have the exactly the same issue as Mathieu: Everytime I try to use the “shred and delete” function from the contextual menu, AxCrypt freezes and I have to kill the Process. Sometimes I am able to “shred and delete” one file at a time, but never two files, or more, at a time. And sometimes AxCrypt will freeze even when trying to “shred and delete” a single file.
    AxCrypt v 2.1.1398.0, and the previous 2.x versions had the same behavior.
    My OS: Window 7 SP1 with all updates 64-bit.

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    Hello Rico,

    We logged an issue for this. You can follow it here.



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