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    I am trying to allow multiple people to encrypt and decrypt files within a single folder on a shared network drive. This folder contains dozens of subfolders and over a thousand files.

    I have added it as a “Secured Folder” for one of the users, then right-clicked > “Share Keys” and added the few other users (who are also premium Axcrypt users). This seems to work for a few days until some files are modified and saved by other users, then issues begin to appear and certain users can no longer open certain files (It says their AxCrypt password cannot open the files)

    Does the shared network folder need to be a “Secured Folder” on all other user’s AxCrypt client for this to work properly? We have been trying to get this figured out for weeks now and are still having issues. We just want a small handful of people to have access to read / write  / modify all files within this single network folder.

    I’ve submitted a ticket to premium support a week ago but no response, so any help is greatly appreciated – many thanks.



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