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    We are looking into possibly getting AxCrypt… we use a cloud service for multiple people in our office to all be able to edit & save documents that everyone is then able to access straight from their personal PCs.  There are some documents that my bosses would like to be able to secure, so they can be shared in the cloud, but only the 2 of them will be able to open/edit on their individual PCs via the cloud.  Would AxCrypt work for this purpose?  Would both bosses need to have AxCrypt downloaded on their individual PCs (& would they have the same password)?  I know there is community sharing, but it wasn’t clear to me if it would work in this situation (i.e. encrypting a document on 1 computer, uploading to cloud, another person decrypting same file on another computer, editing it, & saving/encrypting again).  If so, which version of AxCrypt would be necessary for this feature?  Thank you!

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    I don’t think AxCrypt is the best way to achieve what you want as it’s too clunky.

    For collaboration you’d be better off using a commercial service such as Tresorit:

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    This was actually responded to via private e-mail, but since the topic is here as well, I’ll copy that response more or less verbatim.

    Yes, AxCrypt is perfectly suited for this scenario. However, the sharing feature does require Premium – at least for the part doing the sharing. I.e., Premium is required to share with someone, but the sharee does not need Premium. In the case you describe, it sounds like your managers would be best served by having Premium, the 2 of them.

    Since you’re always getting 30 days free Premium, I suggest you download and try it out. What you are looking for then is the ‘Key Share’ feature, this is what let’s you share the internal file encryption keys with others without sharing your own password.



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    Rob, thanks for providing the link to tresorit. It has indeed similar, and even more extensive, functionality. However, it is priced at 6x AxCrypt Premium (which is also only required for the sharing person, not necessarily the sharees who can use AxCrypt Fre). As for AxCrypt being too clunky that’s something I’d dearly like to address. The intention and goal of AxCrypt is to be the opposite of clunky, so please help us out here and let us know what we can do better! We’re listening!


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