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    Hi – I used axcrypt v.1 to encrypt and hide a folder some while ago. I lost axcrypt when windows upgraded to 10.0.19042. Have installed axcrypt 2. Password stil OK, but cannot see the folder. Have uninstalled v.2 and installed v.1.7.3233.0, but although that seems to instal it will not load. Any suggestions? I’m very happy just to find the folder, decrypt it and then start again with v.2.
    Best GBG

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Ghan,

    AxCrypt application will not encrypt/decrypt files automatically. Without user interaction, AxCrypt application will not encrypt/decrypt the file in the user’s system.

    As per microsoft community, we found some information to resolve your issues,,folders%2C%20and%20drives%20and%20OK.

    Please try to do the above if you agree, otherwise don’t please check with your system administrator. We do not gurantee about others support answers. But we are just helping the user to verify and resolve the issue.

    Please use the link it will help to view the hidden folder/files. then you can check the hidden files in the appropriate file location. now you use the AxCrypt latest version to decrypt the files.

    AxCrypt 1.x and 2.x are compatible in the sense that 2.x can open all files secured with 1.x.

    Files secured with AxCrypt 2.x are not possible to open with AxCrypt 1.x. You cannot have both AxCrypt 1.x and 2.x installed at the same time.

    Still, if you are facing any issues, please write to we are happy to help you.

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