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    I am trying to delete all my files in a usb flash drive of mine.  I am doing this on a windows ten desktop computer.  I had thought you highlight it all and delete.  The issue arise when it says the drive is write protected.  I noticed when I tried to delete the files, the ones that got deleted were not encrypted.  The ones that were not deleted, it seem all are encrypted with axcrypt.


    I had did the windows command prompt of trying to undo this and it does not work.  Does this have to do with the files on the flash drive being encrypted by axcrypt that is causing this?  Again I cannot format my usb flash drive because of this reason.


    Is this related to axcrypt?  Do I need to decrypt every single file which requires me to download axcrypt on the computer and then type in password and decrypt every single file?  Only then I could format it?  I can’t believe this is necessary because I thought if you format it, well it would work?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Pauly,

    This is not related to AxCrypt. AxCrypt there are no capabilities to change the write-protected/ file access.

    If you have one more USB copy the file or copy the file in your system then try to delete the same.

    AxCrypt application and account is mandatory is open the encrypted files. Without AxCrypt app cannot open the file.

    AxCrypt app encrypt file(s) with the .axx extension. AxCrypt encrypted files have their own file structure and AxCrypt app only can interpret and open those file(s). That’s the way AxCrypt was designed. Other than .axx extension files, can’t be opened by the AxCrypt app. No other application(s) can open the AxCrypt encrypted files.

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    Hi.  If that is the case, do you know why my usb is write protected then?  I can’t even format it anyway possible.  I then later on took a look and noticed many of the files I did delete, also did have axcrypt on those files.  It was just files that begin with a certain letter and before that… did not have this issue… which made me think it wasn’t axcrypt.


    But if I go and decrypt all these files on that usb with my axcrypt email and password… do you think I would be able to delete the files?  The only other thing I could think of… was maybe I used bitlocker to encrypt the usb… because I had used bitlocker on my windows pc for it.  But I do not think I used bitlocker to encrypt the usb because each time I connected the usb to it, I can open it or drag files with no issue.


    Do you have a clue why then?

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