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    ian wilson

    Hello all.


    I’m trying to recover a password from an Axcrypt Self-decrypter file (from 2006, version using the AxBruteForce-2.1.569.0.exe provided as is by you guys, the official site.


    I meet a question because the Axbruteforce program asks for an Axcrypt file selection (*.axx) to work but, as my file is an self-decrypter, i’m only able to point to my *.exe file (where, i guess, the *.axx file is embedded).


    I remember  the 5 first letters i used for this 9 characters long passwrd.


    Any tips i could use to deblock the  situation ? Cheers by advance ;))

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello ian wilson,

    We cannot provide support beyond this.

    If you know the file password(which was used in the file encryption process) to decrypt/open the encrypted file. Otherwise, Without file password nobody to decrypt the encrypted file.

    AxCrypt is a file encryption software with no backdoor. That means, Nobody can decrypt the encrypted files without the file password used in the file encryption. This is the way AxCrypt app was designed.

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    ian wilson

    Hello Prabhukumar !


    My question was not about the password but about the purpose of Axcryptbruteforce.

    1/ Axcrypt =produces=> an encrypted file, with a password

    2/ Axcryptbruteforce =does=> check “random” passwords against an encrypted file in order to match the decrypt


    My question was : when Axcrypt =produces=> a Self-extracting.exe* , is it even possible to use Axcryptbruteforce onto it ?


    *Not only a ‘passive’ encrypted file but also the .exe that allows to self-decrypt it ; it’s your product, i guess you understand what i’m talking about, right ? :)






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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello ian wilson,

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    .exe file not possible to use Axcryptbruteforce onto it.

    Latest Axcryptbruteforce having a small issue. we are working on it. it will be fixed and update soon.

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    ian wilson

    Thank you for the answer.

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    Thanks for help.

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