AxCrypt for Mac – Beta Information

AxCrypt for Mac is now in open Beta, which means that anyone can download, install and try it out. Please visit this page often to see what is new.

Warning! AxCrypt for Mac is untested beta software. This means that it may be missing features and be unstable. Texts may be missing and user interface might be incomplete.

Use with care and ensure you have up-to-date backups of all your data. Please report any issues to the Bitbucket Issue Tracker or mailto:// .

You have been warned, now enjoy!

Beta Status 2017-06-19

The current beta is very new, and altough it builds on very stable core code that is already used in Windows, iOS and Android – it has not been extensively  tested “in the wild”.

We welcome any and all reports about the experience, but we already do know quite a bit about a number of minor issues especially cosmetic ones. In general, you do not need to report that something in the UI is looking awful, or doesn’t work that well.

Please do report things that really do not work, crashes and similar issues. Always include the full version number.

Update the app as soon as it indicates there’s a new version available.

How to get it

Dowload on your Mac from and install it as you normally would.