AxCrypt Business

File security for your team - made easy

Simple, Reliable and Strong Encryption

AxCrypt now offers file security for companies and organisations – with 256-bit AES encryption. Sharing files with the rest of the team is award winning easy with our cloud storage awareness and key sharing feature for on-premise files. This allows you to comply with data protection regulations while protecting your files from costly data breaches.

With AxCrypt Business, you also have access to our Password Management – where you can store and manage passwords and codes securely. AxCrypt is multilingual; supporting English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and more to follow. We also offer Mobile Apps for you to open your encrypted files when away.

For more information, visit our features page and don’t forget to read Terms of use.

More exclusive Business Features coming soon. Don’t miss out!

Why AxCrypt Business?

PCMag’s Best Encryption Software 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020
“Made in Sweden” with servers in Sweden
Flexible monthly or yearly subscription
Available for all major platforms
Data Protection Regulation compliant
Team collaboration with key sharing
No encryption knowledge needed
Purchase and manage licenses for your organisation
Access to exclusive features coming up


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Angélique Huige
Business Manager

Mac PC
View encrypted files
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AES-128 encryption
Standard strong encryption
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Account Key Backup
Backup personal account key pairs
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Open Shared Keys
Open files secured by other team members
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Community Support
Support via user community forums and AxCrypt support staff
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AES-256 encryption
Extra strong encryption
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Mobile Apps
Access your encrypted files on your Android or iOS device
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Secured Folders
Automatically secure new files in designated folders with a single click
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Include Subfolders
Operate on all subfolders with Secured Folders and other operations
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Key Sharing
Allow other users of AxCrypt to open secured files with their own password
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Cloud Storage Awareness
Automatically secure an AxCrypt folder in Dropbox, Google Drive etc
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Password Management
Keep all your passwords and other secrets safe in our cloud
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File Wipe
Safe removal of files
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Anonymous File Names
Hide the names of your secured files
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Password Generator
Generate strong but relatively easy-to-remember passwords
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Direct Support
Direct contact with support staff via e-mail or chat
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Business Admin
Manage your AxCrypt Business account, create subscriptions, change your company info, etc
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More upcoming exclusive features
Never miss out on the features we will implement exclusively for Business users.
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