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    I tried to uninstall version 1.7.3156, but unfortunatelly AxCrypt-1.7.3156.0-x64-en-US.msi is missing from my PC. Can you help me with this?

    Thx in advance



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    Be careful to download only the correct file.

    It’s the EXE installer, not the MSI but if you install it, you can then uninstall it and it’ll remove it from your system.

    Your version is very old. The last supported version 1 (no longer maintained) is 1.7.3180.0.

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    It did not install it over my version, it was impossible – installer asked for 64bit MSI.

    But I have managed it other way: I have browsed your exe file with 7-zip and found MSI in TMP folder. Then I have finished the uninstall.


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    Is there anyway to find the AxCrypt-1.7.3156.0-x64-en-US.msi which is not found?
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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello karley,

    The legacy version of AxCrypt app(1.x) is available in the below link.

    You can download the latest legacy version(1.x) of AxCrypt app by using the URL: – If you are facing any issues while downloading, please clear the browser cache and cookies for the site.


    If you need the legacy version you contact our support team. Please write an mail to they are helping you.

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    Gordon Slishman

    After many years of commendable service, Axcrypt 1.7.2867.0 disappeared from my file context menus,

    possibly because of destructive Windows 10 updates.  My problem is the singular tenacity of Axcrypt,

    which refuses to uninstall via control panel prompt.  (an installation .msi file is missing)

    Is there a reasonable way to simply get rid of my broken version of Axcrypt?

    I would be forever grateful for sound advice.

    Thank you,



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    Gordon Slishman

    Thanks to the silence from this forum, perforce I discovered REVO UNINSTALLER,  widely praised as the best, and it worked immediately.  That version of Axcrypt removed, I installed a mothballed Axcrypt .msi, and I’m back in business.  But I see the need to write my own encryption in Perl for the near future.

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