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    The following statement is just not true:

    After much reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only relevant reason for having different passwords, is for sharing with other persons.

    You could have other reasons to use different password and to be honest, the fact that this feature has been removed from AxCrypt just lower the perceived value of this encryption software. As a company, listening and improving based on your customers need should be a top 1 priority.

    Many people asked for that feature to come back, it might be the time to reconsider your opinion about this…

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Prm,

    Thanks for your feedback/suggestions. We will inform our team.

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    Jack C.

    Very wise to consider this. Many people have reasons for using software in non-generic ways.

    Consider the case of password-protected PDF files made on-the-fly (not the strongest format). These PDFs are often sent to casual acquaintances, prospective employers, etc. The option to assign custom passwords is useful for a range of scenarios, like if someone accidentally or deliberately forwarded an email w/your PDF to someone you didn’t want opening that specific file, and you’d already given them a different password to segregate access.

    Think of it as trusting a yard worker with your shed key but never your house key. Or the ability to “change locks” when you need to.

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    Jack C.

    I strongly agree with the detached container point. The “direct action” (not to be confused with radical leftists) of the old AxCrypt is more satisfying in terms of trusting the software. It’s like using metal keys vs. key fobs that send unseen signals when you approach a vehicle.

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