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    It seems AC keeps a decrypted copy of files I open in the appdata folder, which is troubling for security reasons.  I now realize these are removed when I sign out of Axcrypt, but I didn’t know that these were remaining around.  There were some sensitive files in there from quite some time ago that had not been removed.  I guess the important thing is to realize I must also sign out of Axcrypt after viewing an encrypted file.

    There is another problem though that I don’t see a solution to.  With C drives now being an SSD secure erase does not really remove the data.  The only way I see to do that is to boot a utility and wipe the whole drive.  That’s not a workable solution.

    How can I make sure no decrypted residue of my secure file remains on my drive to be found at some unknown time in the future?  Some of these files are very important and untold mischief could occur if they fall in to the wrong hands.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello David,

    Please you can write an email to our support team at Please explain more detailed information about the issue and also some screenshots.

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    David Burton

    There’s not really anything to screen shot.  The issue is with SSD’s.  Even though Axcrypt may delete the temporary decrypted file, the file is still there on the disk to be recovered by simple file recovery software.

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    David Burton

    Maybe one solution would be to have Axcrypt decrypt the temporary copies on some other conventional disc drive so the the data can be reliably wiped?  This would have to be somewhere other than C: drive since I can’t change that from being and SSD.  Can that be done?

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello David,

    When we encrypt a file, the AxCrypt app will create an exact duplicate copy of the encrypting file and then will encrypt the same. Once the encryption is completed, the original file will get secured and deleted by the AxCrypt app.

    AxCrypt is used to take a backup of each file when we are encrypting/decrypting and the backup will get securely deleted once the process is completed successfully.

    If you can recover a file with simple file recovery software. recovered file content/file can’t be opened/viewed.

    still, if you are facing any issues, Please provide more detailed (step-by-step)information about the issue and write an email to our support team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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