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    I’m doing a project on encryption technologies, and am trying to find out information about AxCrypt’s performance, how easy it is to use for the users and administrators, as well as other things. Some simple questions I’m trying to learn about are how many users does it support? What applications does it support? I’m sure the info is available on this site as well as google search but thought I might as well ask here as well.

    If anyone has any answers or resources I could use for learning more about AxCrypt I would be very grateful, thanks.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Nick,

    We do have lots of information and introductory videos at

    For more info about how AxCrypt works, please read our blog posts: and

    Please more information in technical details

    Thanks for using AxCrypt…)

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    ack. I am a newbie, and I also wanna find about this field. slope 2 unblocked is also my project. when u have free time, u can go here and give me feedback.

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