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    Hi there,


    I have transitioned over to version 2.0 and the one thing I miss most is some form of progress bar.  I generally encrypt some large folders then run a backup script to copy them to an external drive.  To do this efficiently I need to know when Axcrypt has finished ‘doing its thing’ so I can start the backups.  Is there any way of seeing how the encryption process is progressing (or at least when it is complete)?



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    A progress bar with a percentage/time remaining is on the list of features to be implemented.

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    Hello Sylvester,

    Also, in the main UI there is a (sort of) progress bar. It doesn’t reflect progress very well, but it does show activity and it allows cancelling as well.

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    Hi there,

    A year on and I still miss the progress bar.  Any updates?  Maybe just a popup that says that processing has completed?  I can’t imagine it is that hard to implement a ‘Files Encrypted’ notification somehow?



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    Hello Sylvester,

    Sorry to say – but we’ve not improved the progress bar experience yet. It’s there, but it doesn’t reflect actual progress very well.

    We have very few comments on this, I think most users like software to be “quiet” and without notifications and pop-ups…

    Reading this again, I see that you might not be happy even when the progress bar is “fixed” – you really want a pop-up when it’s done! This is actually easier and might indeed get done faster, so I’ve made a new issue for this: .

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    Tim Wilding

    I’ve only begun my 30 day trial of premium today, but I “dipped my toe in the water” by encrypting an old backup folder on an external hard drive.   I very much agree with Sylvester’s comments about the progress bar.   Other than my experience is positive so far.

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    Hello Tim,

    Agreed. Just a matter of time… So many things we want to do, and so little time!

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    Tim W

    Thanks Svante, but it’s not in truth the most helpful of replies.   I would rather that you say that you have no intention of doing it or alternatively give an approximate date for delivery.   I have another 29 days to decide whether or not to deliver €30 to you :-)

    All the best, Tim

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    Hello Tim,

    Yes, I agree. It’s not very helpful. But it is truthful. We *will* improve both performance and progress display. Will you get a new version with that done in the next 29 days? Probably not. Sorry.

    We work issue-by-issue, and re-prioritize essentially daily. When we either have ‘enough’, or something critical we need to get out, then we go through the release process with regression testing, release documentation etc.

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    Thanks again Svante,

    I’ll cough up the €30 in 28 days time :-)  If nothing else, this trial has encouraged me to look closely at the files on my system and decide whether they are worth keeping, let alone encrypting.   Once I’ve finished the deletions, I’ll do some more selective encrypting and hopefully finish with a pretty clean system.

    I’d still like the progress bar though,

    No reply needed.

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    Mike W


    I agree with Sylvester.

    I too encrypt and then back up large network shares and a progress bar/completed pop up would be welcome.

    Of the two, I think a progress bar would be more useful.

    Best regards


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    I am also puzzled by the simplicity of the interface program. there is some kind of green bar flashing in the beginning but we do’nt really know what’s going on and when ; and also when the job is finished with large directories on the cloud for example.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Mike & poree,

    We are working on the progress bar customization and issues. It will be released in the upcoming versions of the AxCrypt application.

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    Hi All,

    I too would like some kind of information on the progress and completion of the encryption of a large amount of files.

    In the meantime, here is the process I use to know that the encryption process is finished :

    – Launch Windows Task Manager

    – Select the “Processes” column

    – Select “Axcrypt” process and wait for CPU and Disk usages to be back to zero

    – If total CPU and Total Disk usage are not at that time near to saturation, you can consider encryption completed

    Though not ideal, I use this process all the time.

    Hope this help !


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    Another way to do this for now is to enable debugging and enable “Logging” under the “Debug” tab which is now visible.

    This prints a line for every file that is currently being encrypted, and if I am not mistaken the encryption progress happens in alphabetic order. Therefore, if you know what data is in the folder you are encrypting you can roughly estimate the state of the encryption progress.

    I realise this has been said a few times already but I would also like to add that I’d appreciate the implementation of a representative progress bar with (if possible) a display of the elasped time and estimated remaining time for the encryption process.

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