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    Hi there:


    I have registered this week and I encrypted my desktop files to see how it Works. I did it this week, and, today I tried to un-encrypt, and it seem that the passwords I used is not correct. I am trying to try antoher options for the password, but nothing Works. It seems that I add some kind of extra characters but I can not remember it.

    I really need to recover these files. I undertand that this is a SW to do JUST this, but I NEED to recover my files

    I know your answer is: this can not be done , but I really really need help. This is my last 4 years job, and I will be in very big troubles if I am unable to find the password, o decrypt the files. I will give you all the information needed by you to check that these files were also encrypted by me: any kind of personal information about who I am, about my system files, I can give you some files to try, and also I can give you the password I thought I used. I am not trying to hack anyone’s computer or files, I just need to remember my password.

    Please pleas help me, its a big problema for me

    Best regards

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    Hello Flint.

    Unfortunately, if you do not know the password you cannot open an encrypted file. That is what AxCrypt is made for!

    Please check the FAQ at for more information.

    That being said, as you say, if you know most of the password you might actually be able to find it by searching for variants. We have a software that does this to a limited extent, limited in the sense that the richness of expression for describing the variations to try is limited.

    You can download the most recent version here: and there is a description of how to use it here: .

    Please note that we cannot provide support beyond this.

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    Thanks for your help.

    I was able to find the password, but there is something strange when im trying to unencrypt some files. I will try to explain it:

    When I made the encryptation, I did it from a root folder which contains inside several folder and files, thousand of files and hundreds of folders.

    Now, I used the AxBruteForce trying with a single one file and it works:  I found my lost key. So I was able to unencrypt that file. Then I continue unencrypting more single files without any problem. But then I tried to unencrypt the complete set of files and folders from the root folder. And then I was asking to introduce a password in one file. And the previous password (the one that works) doesnt work this time. I have been playing a little bit more, and I found that a lot of more files can not be opened with that key, but there is also files that are some files are unencrypt with no problem.

    I am pretty pretty sure that I just encrypt once time the complete set of files from the root folder using a one single key, so I dont understand why some files works with one key, and some files doesnt not work. I  dont now if there is some more thing involved here, not just a question of lost pasword. Can you please help? because As it has been told, I think i didnt use different password, just one, so this time is imposible to remember a “password that I didn’t use”

    And another second question: I realize that, having a folder with some files that can be unencrypted with the key and some files that can not be unencrypted with the key, if i try to unencript from the upper folder (let say go to the upper folder level, right click in the mouse, select AXCrypt/unencrypt) the software ask for the unknownk key all the time, so I am unable to unencrypt any file inside that folder, neither the well know files. SO I have to get into the folder and select the files one by one. Those who have a known key are unencrypt, those who have a unkonw key are  not  but I can not do this way in thousand of files and folders. I would like to know if there is a way to do it from the root folder, and those files with well known key can be unencrypted.

    I dont know If I explain it right. sorry for My english. If you have any doubt please contact with me.


    Best regards


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    I can give you more information about this issue:

    The encrypted files with date of 03/April/2017, are unencrypted correctly.

    But the files that I am unable to unencrypt has the followig date: 04 october 2013.

    For sure these files has been encrypted also on 03/April/2017. So I dont understand why they have that date, but something is hhapenning with this files, I can not unencrypt them



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    AxBruteForce works fine with small files but crashes with bigger files. Is there any fixes coming for that?

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    Hello Barry,

    Thank you for reporting this. We are not aware of any issue with the brute force software and certainly not based on file size. If you have some sample file you can share with us, please contact support and we’ll look into it.

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    File is 1.3 GB so can’t send it but sofware says: System.OutOfMemoryException

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    Thanks Barry, we’ll have to look at that.

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    Hello Barry,

    We’ve updated the app. Try version 2.1.163 or later, it should not have any more problems with large files. It may take a few minutes from this post for the download to update.

    Once again, thanks for reporting.

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    Great! It works fine. Thanks.

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    Hi, i lost my password and i need your “Axbrute.exe” tool. I couldnt find it’s link. Pls help me.

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    Hi Oguzhan,

    AxBrute is useless if you’ve lost your weight password. It’ll take thousands of millionaires of years to recover a password.

    It only helps if you mistyped 1 or 2 characters in your password.

    If you’ve totally forgotten your password then we cannot help. That’s what encryption is designed for.

    Somebody will be along shorty if you still need the software although we cannot help you use it.

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    *whole password

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    To get a link for the brute force software, please send an email to support att axcrypt dott net .

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    Thanks Svante. I will send an email.

    Vincent i will try and i will show my results.

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