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    Currently, under options, my inactivity sign out is set to 30 minutes.  My belief is that this feature signs axcrypt out after 30 minutes of non use, which would then require me to log back into axcrypt to decrypt a file.

    My concern is that I often walk a way from my machine for a bit and want to change that timer to 5 minutes.  However all the options under inactivity sign out are grayed out.  How do I change this setting?



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    Azhaguraja B

    Hello Doug,

    You are right. AxCrypt app will get signed out after some minutes(based on the configured minutes) of inactivity.

    Inactivity Sign Out Options are disabled if you are not signed in to the AxCrypt app. After signing in to the AxCrypt app, Inactivity Sign Out Options will get enabled.

    Just sign in to the AxCrypt app with your account credentials. Now check the Inactivity Sign Out Options.

    As you know, Inactivity Sign Out is a premium feature.

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