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    How do you encrypt a folder on a Mac? I’ve tried dragging a folder to the App like the video’s show but the app crashes (2.2.764.0 premium). If I click on the Secure button I can’t identify a folder, only files. I’m using an M1 Mac on MacOS 12.4.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Joel,

    Right-click anywhere on Secured Folders and choose “Add Secured Folder” option in the context menu and select the folder to secure it.

    Currently, the AxCrypt Mac application does not have the Drag and Drop option. But we will develop the same in the future upcoming versions.

    Still, if you are facing any issues, please provide detailed information about the issue and some screenshots and write a mail to We are happy to help you.

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    Thanks. It kind of worked. I’ll move the rest of my comments to the support email.

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