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    I have been looking at using AxCrypt to secure my files as I have been digitising a lot of paperwork that I want to secure.

    I am quite impressed so far with AxCrypt, but my biggest concern is if something happens to AxCrypt (the company) could I decrypt the files using a third party software (using the correct password of course). This is to ensure that “I am not putting all of my eggs in one basket”



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    Hello jmh,

    To our knowledge there is currently no third party software available to decrypt AxCrypt-encrypted files. However, anyone with the correct skills can create such software – the specifications are published and also the main AxCrypt software is open source.

    You can always download and keep a backup copy of the standalone version of AxCrypt, or even the source code. That is all you need. You never need our servers or our company to be operating to decrypt an encrypted file.

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    Thank you very much for the swift response – that takes a great deal of worry out of using the software.

    It is also quite refreshing to use software that does not try to lock you in a build a dependence – Which is not like many tech companies I have dealt with

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