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    Bruno Brassard

    l have a new Samsung galaxy s22 ultra with new version of word basic, (just installed a day ago)

    With that phone i can decrypt the axcrypt file but i cannot open the word file ?

    (open the file with word !…and nothing append i dont get the menu to enter the word password and open the file)

    it is still working correctly on my  old samsung note 8 with old version of word…….!!!!

    Do you have a bug with the new basic version of word?


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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Bruno Brassard,

    We have responded to your support email.

    “Please avoid sending a same query in different mediums. You may get the duplicate response”

    We usually respond during office hours within a day. Our time is UTC+5:30.

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    Hello Prabhukumar R

    AxCrypt App – 3.0.825 – Android 12

    Office & Word Android apps – The latest versions downloaded from Play Store as of today May 8th 2022.

    To avoid posting a duplicate of this question, could you please explain what the current situation is regarding Office and Word apps not opening documents through the AxCrypt Android app? I couldn’t find any answers on the forum.

    I hadn’t used the Android app before and was testing it out, but found that both Office and Word (separate Android apps) will not open any .docx documents decrypted through the AxCrypt app. Furthermore, I also tested .pdf files and Office was also unable to open those.

    If I decrypt the same AxCrypt documents on my laptop, then load those onto my phone, Office and Word can open them as normal. I have in my Android settings given Office, Word and AxCrypt, full permission to Files and Media.

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Anonymous,

    In the latest updated mobile app, The problem with Microsoft Office files is because of a new Android permission requirement for apps to read each other’s files. We’re working on a fix and will have it out shortly.

    In the meantime: you can use another third-party application to open the word/Excel encrypted files. (All Document reader, WPS office, etc..)

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    Hello Prabhukumar R

    AxCrypt App – 3.0.839 – Android 12

    Thank you for replying. As further information for you, I ran tests on several document suites available from Google Play and found, in addition to Microsoft Word and Office apps, AxCrypt also does not work with WPS Office Lite, WPS Office, Collabro, LibreOffice Document Reader, Google Docs and All Document Reader.

    Every app behaved in the same way and didn’t appear to actually receive the document being decrypted. So it wasn’t that they couldn’t open the file, but related to the file permission you spoke of, AxCrypt is unable to hand over the document, to allow it to be opened.

    It would seem at the moment that the AxCrypt Android app only works with PDF documents opened by a web browser or similar. In Android 12 at least, it’s not possible to open other types of document such as Word, LibreOffice, or Excel etc.

    I will keep an eye out for future updates.

    Thanks once more.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Ax,

    We will check and investigate the same and get back to you. Also, we inform our team.

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