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    David Burton

    When I open an encrypted pdf file then do some edits, then save, it does not update the file modified date for the resulting saved file.  This then results in my updated file not getting backed up with the new changes.

    I would think when I save the encrypted file it should update the modified date.

    Windows 10, all versions of AXcrypt for some time now.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello David,

    AxCrypt will keep track of the opened encrypted files, to update and re-encrypt the same. If we opened the file and updated the contents, then AxCrypt will re-encrypt the updated file

    And the AxCrypt app will be checking whether the opened file and the corresponding application are closed or not. If closed, then the AxCrypt app will automatically update the contents of the file and re-encrypt the same.

    Actually, we have to close the file opened application completely, to update and re-encrypt the file. Sometimes, we have to manually click the red Broom icon, to clean and update the pending files.

    Please close the encrypted file and corresponding file, Please check the AxCrypt app every time, it will update the file, it’s then you can sign out/exit from the AxCrypt app. Please close all the browser windows also.

    If the above doesn’t help, please provide more information about the issue and some screenshots and write a mail to

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    OK, Thanks.  I didn’t know I had to close the reader app before the file was actually updated.  It seems AC keeps a decrypted copy on the appdata folder, which is troubling for security reasons.

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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Anonymous,

    The location(C:\Users\’user name’\AppData\Local\AxCrypt) is for the temporary decrypted copies of the files. Those will either be cleaned automatically at the earliest opportunity or when you click the red clean “broom” icon in AxCrypt.

    AxCrypt works by decrypting files temporarily and then launching the appropriate application for the decrypted file, which thus is entirely unaware of AxCrypt. AxCrypt monitors the system for the launched app to exit, and when it detects this it will re-encrypt the file and wipe (overwrite) the decrypted file and then delete it.

    Please completely close the encrypted file and corresponding file properly, then you can sign-out/exit from the AxCrypt app.

    Note: The temporary files will be removed as soon as the opened encrypted file closed/signed out from the AxCrypt app.

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