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    Michael F

    I have several files encrypted by AxCrypt. All of a sudden I cannot decrypt one using the usual procedure I’ve used in the past. I’m using Windows 11. I used to dbl-click on the file (from Windows Explorer), enter a pwd, and it opens. I try that (on one of my five encrypted files), enter the pwd, and it shows me a little red icon and tells me I’m using the wrong pwd. I try it on one of my other five encrypted files, and it works! So I then open the AxCrypt app (2.1.16180 Free) enter my AxCrypt pwd (not the file pwd), and the app opens. I see that the troublesome file uses Algorithm AES-128, while the other files (that I CAN open) use AES-128-V1. So I click on “Open Secured” in the app and choose the troublesome file, and it opens!

    So, are there two techniques, an old and a new? That is, it seems like to older files that still open with my pwd of several years are somehow different from newer ones that I encrypt, and must be decrypted from the app.


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    Prabhukumar R

    Hello Michael,

    AxCrypt will use the subscription level to increase the level of security. That means, AxCrypt application use AES-256 bit algorithm for premium users, AES-128 bit algorithm for free users, when securing the files.

    AxCrypt will allow the users to decrypt the encrypted file with the original password which is used for encryption.

    If the file was encrypted with a different password than your sign in password, then you have to enter the file password while viewing/decrypting the encrypted file.

    For example: Try to encrypt a file with your AxCrypt password and then reset your AxCrypt account password using Reset Password Feature. Now if you open the encrypted file, you will be prompted for enter the file password (which is used for encryption of the file).

    If you are asking any Queries, please write to we are happy to help you.

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