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Why is the file named “RDG-F1507004.jpg”, (ending with .jpg) and why does it have an AxCrypt Icon?

It looks like you have done the following:

1 – Renamed the file from “RDG-F1507004-jpg.axx” to “”RDG-F1507004.jpg”
2 – Associated “.jpg” with AxCrypt. That’s very wrong. AxCrypt opens AxCrypt-encrypted files, not images.

You never did answer the following:

Also can you confirm that I have understood you correctly in that you *can* decrypt it, by right-clicking and selecting “AxCrypt | Decrypt” ? Can you also confirm that you *can* open it in a picture viewer after you have decrypted it?

I suspect that you *can* decrypt it, but you cannot open *any* .jpg-file in your computer. If so, this is *not* an AxCrypt issue.