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    Dan B

    I finally set up a timely reminder to delete these files every so often.  Axcrypt is the easiest encryptor program to use if you have to decrypt & encrypt several files each day, so the pain of checking for undeleted files every so often may be a small price to pay.

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    Why not automate things Dan B? Setting a reminder is simplistic and error prone.

    If you’re using Windows then open “Taskschd.msc” (WinKey + R) and “Create Basic Task”. From there get it to call “Cleanmgr.exe” whenever you want: daily, monthly, whatever. Ensure you set the appropriate parameters: what you want to clear and it’ll run on demand.

    AxCrypt isn’t designed to protect your computer against leaking confidential information into temporary files; that’s the job of the operating system.

    You should be using AxCrypt in combination with full disk encryption (BitLocker) and then the confidential leakage won’t be a concern.

    Bitlocker protects your computer when switched off

    AxCrypt protects your files when sent to somebody else

    They’re two different solutions and should be used together.

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    true its a small price. I know where the folder is now. The reason im complaining is because I like the software a lot. Usually one would just try differnt software. but its honestly just what I need and ive adapted to it.

    Wilber. thats a brilliant solution

    I just check the temp folder after every day or so. I created a shortcut.

    Im new to all of this though. I actually hold the software in higher regard because I know that it likely stores the files just incase something goes wrong while encrypting, I always wondered what would happen. But yeah. learning the hard way.

    In truth I shouldve just read the documentation for the first few days considering the importance of the task i was seeking. A bit like taking insurance really.

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    I noticed again a file in folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\AxCrypt\%tmpname%, that I have used  and saved one month ago. In the meantime I have used the file again and saved more times. Now I can delete the file in appdata (data loss) or compare both files and merge.

    Creating backup jobs or scripts for checking the local folder is not a way for us. To ensure no dataloss and secure files is a job of the software.

    I tested it as a global solution for our company. Sorry, but this is no way.

    I will decrypt and use something else.

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    PS. Anonymous is AK-Neuss. I opened the case and I am loged in.

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    Hello Anonymous,

    Just what version of AxCrypt are you using?

    AxCrypt should keep these folders clean, and we cannot reproduce this.

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    Hello Anonymous!

    That version is over 10 months old, it was released on December 15, 2016.

    If you’re evaluating software, regardless of from where, you’ll probably get best results using updated software.

    Your application should inform you of a new version with the ‘red lamp’ icon.

    The current version is 2.1.1541 and is available at .

    Please try that and see if you might have better results!

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    The same for me

    Why don’t offert to choose the folder where your program will save temporary files ?

    And why it can’t be possible to encrypt this temporary folder after closing AxCrypt of Windows for example ?

    In this state, it seems to me that AxCrypt can’t be a good solution for working with secured files.

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    @The same for me

    Update your version.

    You can’t encrypt a temporary folder as you’ll lose access to your files. Use the red broom to clear temporary files.

    If AxCrypt isn’t a good solution, use something else. Or you can do what everybody else does and use full disk encryption. If you don’t encrypt your hard disk then whoever you’re frightened of [viewing the temporary files] will be able to view everything anyway.

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    James Hipp

    i have windows 7pro and use axcrypt 2.1.1543.  i had the same problem as others here, with the C:\Users\jrhipp\AppData\Local\AxCrypt folder holding 56 folders, each folder containing 1 unencrypted file that i had previously opened and closed.  these folders with unencrypted copies of my encrypted files were never deleted, never disappeared, and could not be cleaned.  finally, i deleted all 56 folders, restarted the computer and now axcrypt 2.1.1543 seems to be working fine.  if i open an encrypted file, a new folder with an unencrypted copy of the file, shows up in the appdata\local\axcrypt folder.  when i close the encrypted file, the temp folder with the unencrypted copy of the file in the   appdata\local\axcrypt folder disappears as it should.   Also, exactly how is the broom/cleaning option supposed to work?  does this only come into play if the temp folder with the unencrypted copy is NOT deleted upon closing the open file?  every open file shows that it needs to be cleaned until the file is closed….then the broom symbol disappears and the option is grayed out and inactive.  is this how it’s supposed to work?  anyway axcrypt appears to working now even though i don’t know why the original temp folders would not delete automatically.   thanks

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    Hello James,

    I’m glad it’s working as it should. And, yes, what you describe is how the clean broom icon should work. It should be red whenever there’s any plaintext files in the temporary directory. Clicking it should then clean whatever files it can clean, although it’s not sure it can clean all – in which case it’ll remain red.

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    I am testing AxCrypt and the function “Clean opened files” from “File” menu does NOT remove not-encrypted files from C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\AxCrypt ! Why is that ? It is pointless for me to use this application if this does not work ! Beside such an error doesn’t look like I should trust… or do I make any mistake here ?

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    Hello Piotr,

    Have you read the entire thread to which this post is a part?

    AxCrypt works by temporarily decrypting files to the location you point out. These files have to stay decrypted until AxCrypt knows that they are no longer used by you. Sometimes AxCrypt can do that automatically, sometimes you need to tell it. You do this by clicking the “Broom” icon, which should be red when there are files in the temporary location.

    If you click the broom icon and nothing happens, this is probably because the files in fact are still open in an application – or that application is still open (even if the file is closed).

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    I’ve discovered my encrypted files can be accessed in the path

    C:\Users\ My folder \AppData\Local\AxCrypt

    They have weird nonsense names but you can click and open them this way.

    How do wee fix this?

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