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    Robert M

    Would you consider an option of having the program launch at Windows startup?

    I achieve this now by placing a shortcut in my Windows Startup folder, but it would be nice if this were an optional setting in the interface.  I realize this might be contrary to your “keep it simple” design philosophy.


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    Hello Robert!

    Thank you for the idea. The thing is that if you work from Windows Explorer, it’ll launch itself anyway automatically.

    I do try to keep the number of ‘options’ down, and if we do it by default it’ll certainly annoy more users than will like it.

    Let us think about that one for a while, you have a good workaround anyway right now it seems.

    Once again, thanks for sharing your experiences with AxCrypt.



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    My question is just the opposite.  I do not want the interface to load at boot time, and only want the functionality in Explorer to be present.  This is how I always used the program with v-1.  A/C is not in startup folders so I am not sure how to disable that the interface from loading automatically.


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    Cancel the last.  I see what you are doing.  It only appears after one invokes a function.

    I am still not sure why the icon needs to stay in place in the notification area, other than that it is a lead in to showcase features for which one must signup and thus pay up.

    Once I have logged in and, as none of the features are available, I could certainly do without it since it becomes sort of a nagware that must be manually closed.

    V1 was nice and did not intrude.  I may avail myself of that version again if it is being secure.  Is it?


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